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So far, the word vampire summon some fast, simple associations.

Garlic, wooden stake, full moon, a movie about Dracula. Here, only the moon has a specific, full and defined.

A different world than the one we already know, the world of light years distant from our imagination, enchanted and magical, shrouded in darkness, gray, bathed in the rain, in which man is a being from another world. The first group, aristocracy, well-born, well groomed, elegant, in a word, vampires, and as an opponent in the eternal war, werewolves, dirty, unshaven, thick-skinned, deprived of good manners, as well as luxurious interiors. Hiding in the sewers, dungeons, old houses. So some, and others hidden in the body exactly like the human body, but the man is a banned word. A word that should not be uttered, though in some circles is a good medium for certain experiments. Despite the gray, the rain, depressing aura from the very beginning I liked this film convention. Outlined with full flair, using visual means rather original, good running cameras, skillfully told story, with no room for any boredom and fatigue. Very interesting, original set design, selection of interior, including the old train station hall. However, what is equally important, and perhaps should be the undisputed leader, is the construction of the script. She is the fact that the main, guiding, leading role is played by a woman. Deriving a family of vampire ran, intelligent, beautiful Selena (Kate Beckinsale). Other than her brothers, endowed with a special gift, which is the courage, tactical sense, the ability to find themselves in certain situations. She saves a man's life, which in fact represents a breakthrough in the history of vampires, as far as man was the only material fuel, food, his blood was a highly sought after commodity.

The film, which should appeal to a wide group of viewers is not directed to a specific audience, it's not a horror movie in the full sense of the word. You can assign the genre, however, is not accurate. There's a little bit of fantasy, thriller, action film finally. Picture filmed in front of a rookie, but a large number of wprawek in commercials and music clipach, here is visible and gives a good, desirable effect. I recommend !.