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I went to the Douro Valley last fall and fell in love with the food and wine. I agree it's a few of the greatest wine and cuisine in Portugal. This blog actually brings me back to exploring the rover valley as well.
So glad you loved the article, despite not being a wine drinker. The Douro Valley is certainly price visiting when you get an opportunity 🙂 Thanks for stopping by.
There is greater than wine in Portugal…don’t let that stop you from visiting soon 🙂 Thanks for stopping by. I really wish to visit Portugal and though I’m not much of a wine drinker, the scenery seems incredible. http://www.socialcryptonews.com/news/the-10-most-scenic-train-rides-in-the-world/ Choose to go to just some of the most effective Douro Valley wineries. Not to say, with the steep and rugged terrain, you will want to drive safely as you make your approach to the different wineries.
Portugal is a scrumptious nation that we love as properly. I don’t know something about wines however this place is heaven on Earth. Glad whilst a non-wine drinker you can still recognize the attractive Douro Valley area. Yes, it was fairly easy driving within the region, although a few of the roads were slender and with twists and turns.
The question I actually have to ask, is that I have tried the Grilled Alheira sausages in the Douro however I didn’t like the wine I needed to go along with them. What wine would you recommend to go with them as I am heading back there after a ten year break from the region. We all the time love listening to from locals and your comments mean the world to us. Yes, indeed, we have also been to the Alentejo region and the food and wine is spectacular.
Like the sturdy character of Dona Antónia Ferreira who confronted all men winemakers in the Valley. No wonder the wines by Casa Ferreirinha are a few of the finest in the Douro Valley . We are already a giant fan of Portuguese wine and food but we still haven’t taken a visit along the Douro Valley. We hope to next spring because it’s quite straightforward to get there from the UK. We may spend every week there exploring the wine areas.